Document Remediation

Get the help you need to ensure that your documents are accessible for assistive technology users! Includia provides document accessibility solutions for businesses, government agencies, and non-profit organizations to achieve compliance with Section 508 and ADA Title III

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Why is document accessibility important?

Document accessibility is often overlooked when evaluating conformance for accessibility standards—yet inaccessible documents are often the greatest barrier to people with disabilities. Common document accessibility problems include: missing alternate text descriptions for images, reading order problems, documents missing structural elements, and more.

Our document accessibility solutions include: document assessment, document repair and remediation, document publishing, and PDF repair.

Document Evaluation with Assistive Technology

Includia offers document accessibility assessment services to identify and characterize accessibility barriers. Our accessibility specialists use assistive technology (such as screen readers and speech recognition) to get an accurate picture of the accessibility of your documents. We provide testing and repair of documents in popular formats including: MS Word Format, MS Power Point, Portable Document Format (PDF), InDesign, and more.

After testing your documents for accessibility errors, we’ll deliver a detailed report summarizing any accessibility barriers with recommendations for repair and remediation.

Document Accessibility Repair and Remediation

Includia provides document accessibility repair and remediation services to ensure that your documents comply with Section 508 and ADA laws. We’ll format your original source documents to ensure full compatibility with assistive technology devices, including:

  • Adding alternate text descriptions for images and graphics
  • Updating document reading order for screen readers, braille displays, etc.
  • Adding formatting for tables, forms, and links

Once we’ve updated your documents for accessibility, we’ll test them again with a screen reader to ensure compatibility and accessibility with assistive technology devices.

Accessible Document Publishing

Once we’ve updated your source documents for accessibility, we’ll help you choose the best format for electronic distribution. Our accessible publishing solutions include:

  • Document publishing in tagged PDF format
  • File optimization for Web and email distribution

PDF Repair Services

Don’t have the source files for your documents? No problem. Includia provides PDF repair and tagging services to ensure that your documents are WCAG compliant. Our PDF repair services include:

  • Tagging for Assistive Technology Devices
  • Optical Character Recognition and Repair
  • Document Testing with Assistive Technology Devices