Media Remediation

Includia works with clients worldwide in the online education, enterprise, news, and entertainment markets to provide quality video data solutions that help media creators maximize video investment through innovative media intelligence technology.

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Highly accurate, reliable and simply integrated captions powered by professional captioners.


Highly accurate and reliable transcription services brought to you by professional transcriptionists and innovative technology.

Audio Description

High-quality and competitively priced audio description services for online video.

Live Captioning

Highly accurate, reliable, and easy-to-schedule real-time captions powered by professional captioners.

Translation & Subtitling

Video translation in 40+ languages, customizable workflows, and 5-star support.

PSE Analysis

accurate photosensitive epilepsy seizure trigger detection

Enterprise Ready

We offer clients quality, searchable media intelligence data from unstructured media. The web was built for text, but video is taking over. when it comes to actual content consumption. One third of all online activity is spent watching video.


Access is restricted strictly on a need to know basis. All our transcribers are under NDA.

99% Accuracy

Our 4-step transcription process is designed to achieve a 99% accuracy, consistently.

Exceptional Quality Assurance

We assure accuracy and reliability. We employ robust monitoring and feedback systems to track transcribers’ performance and retain the top talent.

Online Editor

Our browser based editor allows you to quickly verify the transcript and make changes.


We also provide SRT/VTT files, strict verbatim transcripts, audio time coding, BITC, start/end time, etc.