Includia Accessibility Checker

Get clear accessibility reports within seconds of scanning your website.

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Streamline Your Accessibility Testing

Instant Analysis

Get clear accessibility reports within seconds of scanning your website.

Guided Remediation

Step-by-step instructions on how to fix problems and make your site WCAG compliant.

Browser Extension

Test your development work in real-time as you build.

Gain Actionable Accessibility Insights

Includia Accessibility Checker generates detailed reports with issue counts, severity breakdowns, and accessibility scores. Use this data to prioritize fixes, understand the impact of your changes, and demonstrate your commitment to accessibility.

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Optimize Your Accessibility Testing

Includia Accessibility Checker integrates seamlessly into your development process, regardless of your experience level. Receive clear, actionable guidance on potential accessibility issues, allowing you to proactively address barriers and deliver a more inclusive user experience.

Standards-Focused Analysis

Detects potential WCAG violations (Levels A, AA, AAA).

Rapid Scanning

Analyzes web pages and generates detailed reports within seconds.

Comprehensive Results

Provides issue count, severity categorization, code references, and clear remediation advice.

Browser Integration

Available as a Chrome extension for convenient testing during development.

Includia Accessibility Checker simplifies the process of making your website accessible. By using Includia, you're not just improving your site, you're expanding your reach and creating a better experience for all users.