Includia Accessibility Platform

Includia Accessibility Platform combines advanced AI technology with the expertise of people with disabilities. The platform provides automated and manual audits, as well as advanced accessibility widget.

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Make your content accessible everywhere

Compliance Dashboard

The Compliance Dashboard offers a comprehensive view of your website's accessibility status, highlighting key areas that need attention and providing actionable insights to achieve full compliance.

Automated Testing

Automated Testing quickly scans your website to identify common accessibility issues, delivering instant feedback and suggestions for improvement, saving you time and ensuring continuous accessibility.

Manual Testing

Manual Testing involves expert evaluations by people with disabilities, offering detailed insights and recommendations that automated tools might miss, ensuring a thorough and user-centric accessibility assessment.

Accessibility Widget

The Accessibility Widget is a customizable tool that enhances your website's usability by providing features such as text resizing, color contrast adjustments, and keyboard navigation, making your site more accessible to all users.


The Reporting feature generates detailed reports on your website's accessibility performance, including identified issues, compliance status, and recommended fixes, helping you track progress and demonstrate your commitment to accessibility.


Monitoring continuously checks your website for new accessibility issues, alerting you in real-time and ensuring that your site remains compliant and accessible as content and standards evolve.

Real-Time Scanning and Monitoring

Includia Accessibility Platform offers real-time scanning and monitoring to ensure your digital content remains accessible. By continuously identifying and fixing issues as they arise, Includia helps you maintain compliance and enhance user experience, ensuring all users can navigate and interact with your content seamlessly.

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Next-Generation Accessibility Solutions

Comprehensive Coverage

Includia's platform audits your content across multiple devices, including tablets, mobile phones, and desktops, ensuring consistent accessibility regardless of how users access your site.

Universal Browser Support

Our solution performs audits across various platforms and browsers, guaranteeing your website remains accessible to all users, no matter their preferred technology.

In-Depth Application Reviews

Includia provides thorough audits for your applications, identifying and resolving accessibility issues to enhance usability and compliance within your software products.

Visual Issue Identification

Our platform offers visual screenshots of accessibility issues, making it easy for your team to pinpoint and address problems quickly and efficiently.

Includia Accessibility Platform is a cutting-edge solution pivotal to digital accessibility, offering a comprehensive array of features. It excels in scanning websites for accessibility gaps, empowering team members with tools for both automated and manual audits. The platform's accessibility widget enhances user experience. Includia stands at the forefront of accessibility innovation, bridging technological advancements with human-centric insights to ensure inclusivity for all users.