Media Remediation

Includia works with clients worldwide in the online education, enterprise, news, and entertainment markets to provide quality video data solutions that help media creators maximize video investment through innovative media intelligence technology.

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Comprehensive Media Accessibility Solutions


We provide accurate, time-synchronized captions for pre-recorded video content, ensuring accessibility for individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing.


We convert audio recordings into accurate text transcripts, making content accessible in searchable and readable formats.

Live Captioning

We offer real-time captioning for live events, broadcasts, webinars, and meetings, ensuring equal participation for those who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Audio Description

We create detailed verbal descriptions of key visual elements within videos, providing essential context for individuals with visual impairments.

Translation & Subtitling

We translate your content into multiple languages and provide subtitles, expanding the reach of your media to a global audience.

PSE Analysis

carefully analyze your video content to identify potentially triggering visual elements for individuals with photosensitive epilepsy, providing warnings or offering alternative versions.

Unparalleled Accuracy


Includia prioritizes content security. We maintain strict confidentiality protocols and data protection measures throughout the remediation process, ensuring your media and information remain safe and private.

99% Accuracy

We guarantee a 99% accuracy rate across all accessibility solutions. Our experts meticulously review captioning, transcription, audio description, and more to ensure precise and meaningful results.

Exceptional Quality Assurance

A dedicated team rigorously assesses remediated content for accuracy, synchronization, and presentation. This guarantees our work meets the highest accessibility standards, seamlessly aligning with your vision.

Online Editor

Includia's intuitive online editor empowers you to review, edit, and fine-tune captions, transcripts, and descriptions. This ensures a tailored and optimized experience for your audience.


Enhance your content's accessibility with add-ons like foreign language translation, subtitling, and photosensitive epilepsy (PSE) analysis. These options let you customize solutions for maximum reach.

Scalable Solutions

Includia offers flexible accessibility solutions that adapt to your project size and timeline. Whether you need a single video remediated or an ongoing partnership, we provide customized packages to meet your evolving needs.

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Media remediation services go beyond mere compliance with accessibility regulations; they represent a commitment to inclusivity and equal access to information and entertainment. By availing these services, content creators and organizations demonstrate their dedication to reaching a broader audience, including individuals with disabilities and non-native speakers.