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Includia's document remediation services make your digital documents accessible to everyone. We transform your common file formats, including PDFs, Word files, presentations, and more, into formats that work seamlessly with assistive technologies like screen readers and text-to-speech software.

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100% Compliant Accessible Documents

Multiple Formats

We handle a wide range of document formats, including PDFs, PowerPoints (PPTX), HTML, Word documents, and even ePub3 ebooks.

Guaranteed Compliance

Our team of experts meticulously verifies and tests your remediated documents to guarantee they meet the highest accessibility standards. This includes Section 508, WCAG and above, PDF/UA, and ADA compliance.

Competitive Rates

We understand that budget is a concern. That's why we offer transparent and competitive pricing for our document remediation services.


We have the resources to handle the remediation, verification, and testing of thousands of documents across multiple languages.

Data Privacy Guaranteed

We understand the importance of protecting your sensitive information. Our services are delivered with the utmost confidentiality.

Quick Turnaround

We prioritize fast turnaround times without compromising quality. Get your accessible documents back quickly to minimize disruption to your workflow.

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Transform Your Documents


Microsoft Excel

Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft Word

Document Remediation Made Simple

Content Structure

We implement a clear heading structure for titles, subheadings, and sections.

Image Alt Text

Our specialists craft informative alternative text descriptions for all images, charts, and infographics.


Includia remediates inadequate hyperlinks by replacing vague phrases with clear and concise descriptions of the linked content.

Color Contrast

Our remediation adheres to accessibility guidelines for minimum contrast ratios to guarantee readability for people with visual impairments.

Complex Tables

We improve cell descriptions by providing context ensuring proper reading order for screen readers.


We convert scan paper forms to interactive fields, checkboxes, signature fields and more.

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Leverage our extensive experience and specialized expertise to make your digital documents accessible to a wider audience. Our services guarantee compliance with accessibility guidelines and promote inclusivity within your user base. Contact us today to embark on a path towards comprehensive document accessibility.