Elevating Video Accessibility for Safer Video Content

Luma empowers content creators to deliver safer, more engaging, and genuinely inclusive video content, making the online experience safer for all viewers.

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Comprehensive Video Accessibility Analysis

Precise Frame-by-Frame Analysis

Luma's advanced algorithms perform a meticulous frame-by-frame video analysis to detect patterns that may trigger discomfort or seizures. This precision empowers content creators to produce safer and more accessible videos.

Seizure Prevention Technology

Luma incorporates cutting-edge seizure prevention technology to identify potential triggers in videos. This proactive approach provides actionable insights, reducing the risk of discomfort or harm to viewers.

Compliance with Industry Standards

Luma ensures compliance with the latest accessibility guidelines and industry standards, making your content legally compliant, more inclusive, and safer for all viewers.

Inclusive Video Made Easy with Luma

Luma is specialized software dedicated to enhancing the safety and accessibility of video content. It achieves this by meticulously analyzing video material, identifying sequences with flashing lights, spatial patterns, and other potential seizure triggers, especially for individuals with photosensitive epilepsy. Through color data extraction and frame-by-frame analysis, Luma ensures compliance with international video accessibility guidelines, including WCAG 2.3.1 and ITU-R BT.1702-2, enabling content creators to create more inclusive and secure videos for a broader audience.

For a more in-depth exploration of the scientific foundations of Luma's flashing analysis, you can refer to the scientific research provided by Includia, which offer a comprehensive understanding of the principles and research underpinning the technology.

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Scientific Foundation of Luma's Analysis

Luma's analysis is rooted in rigorous scientific principles. It leverages well-established knowledge in the field of photosensitive epilepsy and adheres to international guidelines for safe visual content. The development of Luma's capabilities draws upon research and findings in the following areas:

Neuroscience and Seizure Triggers

Luma's approach is informed by the science of neurology and the understanding of how specific visual stimuli, such as flashing lights, can trigger seizures in susceptible individuals. The study of photosensitive epilepsy and its neural mechanisms plays a crucial role in shaping Luma's analysis methods.

Epilepsy Research

Luma's developers have delved into the extensive body of epilepsy research to comprehend the various factors that contribute to seizure susceptibility. This includes studying the relationship between specific frequencies, patterns, and seizure onset.

Color Analysis

The engine behind Luma conducts a detailed analysis of color data, calculating luminance and saturation values on a frame-by-frame basis. This process is grounded in color science and the study of how different visual elements affect the human brain.

International Guidelines

Luma is designed to ensure compliance with international guidelines for safe video content, including those provided by organizations such as the International Telecommunication Union (ITU-R) and the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). These guidelines are based on extensive scientific research and expert consensus.

With precise frame-by-frame video analysis, real-time feedback and interactive accessibility reports, Luma empowers content creators to produce safer and more inclusive content, meeting industry standards and fostering a better online experience for all viewers.