Accessibility Auditing And Testing

Our in-depth accessibility audits uncovers potential barriers to interaction, providing a comprehensive roadmap for resolving issues and creating a welcoming, inclusive user experience for all.

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Comprehensive Testing Methodology

Consultation and Assessment

We start by understanding your website's unique structure, functionality, and user base. This helps us tailor our testing plan and identify any potential areas of concern.

Automated Testing

We utilize advanced accessibility testing tools to quickly scan your website for common technical issues, such as missing alt text, poor color contrast, or incorrect heading structures. This provides a strong baseline from which to proceed.

Manual Testing

Automated tools alone aren't enough. Our experts thoroughly navigate your website using keyboards, screen readers, and other assistive technologies. This ensures we capture any issues that may only be apparent to real users with disabilities.

User Testing

For the most inclusive approach, we involve individuals with disabilities in the testing process. Their real-world feedback reveals potential barriers and usability pain points that might be overlooked otherwise.


We compile our findings into a comprehensive report that clearly outlines accessibility violations, their severity, and specific recommendations for remediation. Our reports are designed for both technical teams and non-technical stakeholders.


Accessibility is an ongoing journey. We offer monitoring services to help you track your progress and identify any new issues that may arise as your website evolves.

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Specialized Accessibility Audits

Website Audits

Our meticulous audits examine your website's structure, content, and functionality to ensure adherence to accessibility guidelines.

Mobile App Audits

We understand the unique accessibility considerations of mobile applications. Our experts assess touch targets, gesture controls, compatibility with assistive technologies.

Application Audits

We conduct rigorous accessibility evaluations of web applications and desktop software alike, providing insights and actionable recommendations for improvement.

Design Audits

By proactively analyzing your wireframes, mockups, and design components, we can identify potential accessibility barriers early in the development process.

Accessibility auditing and testing are indispensable steps towards creating a more inclusive digital landscape. By partnering with our accessibility company, businesses and organizations can proactively embrace inclusivity, comply with legal requirements, and ensure that their digital products are accessible to all, regardless of their abilities. Investing in accessibility is not just about meeting legal obligations; it is a commitment to providing equal opportunities and enhancing the user experience for everyone.