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Get the help you need to ensure that your documents are accessible for assistive technology users! Includia provides document accessibility solutions for businesses, government agencies, and non-profit organizations to achieve compliance with Section 508 and ADA Title III

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Enabling Equal Access to Information

Our extensive experience in document accessibility and remediation enables us to transform various document formats into inclusive, user-friendly resources. Whether you have PDFs, Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, or other digital materials, our skilled team is adept at providing comprehensive solutions that adhere to accessibility standards and regulations.

Document Evaluation with Assistive Technology

We conduct meticulous evaluations of your documents using various assistive technologies to simulate the user experience for individuals with disabilities. This proactive step enables us to identify any potential gaps or barriers in accessibility, empowering us to fine-tune our solutions and offer documents that provide an authentically inclusive experience.

Document Accessibility Repair and Remediation

Includia excels in the realm of document accessibility repair and remediation. If you have existing documents that fall short of accessibility standards, our team is adept at diagnosing accessibility issues and implementing targeted solutions.

  • Unstructured Content

    We reorganize content to ensure logical reading order, proper headings, and appropriate formatting for improved comprehension.

  • Missing Alt Text

    We add descriptive alternative text to images, graphs, and charts, ensuring visual content is accessible to screen reader users.

  • Inadequate Hyperlinks

    Our team creates meaningful and descriptive hyperlinks, making navigation easier for users who rely on screen readers or keyboard navigation.

  • Poor Color Contrast

    We enhance color contrast to ensure text is legible for users with visual impairments, adhering to WCAG guidelines.

  • Complex Tables

    Complex tables are made accessible with proper table headers, captions, and summaries, allowing users to understand tabular data.

  • Unreadable Fonts

    We ensure that fonts used in documents are readable and compatible with screen readers, avoiding font choices that hinder accessibility.

Accessible Document Publishing

Includia goes beyond document remediation to provide accessible document publishing solutions. We ensure that the documents you create and publish in various formats maintain their accessibility from the outset. Our experts work closely with your team to implement best practices in document creation, ensuring that accessibility is seamlessly integrated into your workflow. Whether it's a report, brochure, manual, or any other type of document, we ensure that it meets the highest accessibility standards before reaching your audience.

Types of Documents We Remediate:

  • PDF Documents

    Our experts meticulously analyze PDF documents to ensure they harmonize with screen readers, boast keyboard navigability, and exhibit proper structural design for enhanced user-friendliness. We also add alternative text to images and tables, rendering visual content comprehensible to all.

  • Word Documents

    Includia's proficiency extends to Microsoft Word documents, where we establish a judicious heading structure, craft meaningful hyperlinks, and guarantee optimal color contrast for improved legibility. These measures ensure that content is accessible to users of varying abilities.

  • PowerPoint Presentations

    Our transformation of PowerPoint presentations into accessible formats entails optimizing slide layouts, employing semantic headings, supplying text alternatives for images, and refining content navigation.

  • Excel Spreadsheets

    Includia's expertise in document accessibility encompasses Excel spreadsheets, where we ensure that spreadsheet data is methodically organized and labeled, ensuring its comprehensibility to screen readers.

  • Other Formats

    Beyond the formats mentioned, our accomplished team can proficiently remediate additional digital document formats such as HTML, EPUB, and more, maintaining consistent accessibility across a diverse spectrum of content types.

Years of Experience in Document Accessibility

With an enduring commitment to the field, Includia has amassed extensive expertise in document accessibility and remediation. Over the years, we've effectively converted countless documents spanning a multitude of industries—including healthcare, education, finance, and more—into accessible formats. Our unwavering dedication to staying abreast of evolving accessibility guidelines and best practices ensures that the documents we remediate consistently meet the highest benchmarks of inclusivity.

Why Choose Includia for Document Accessibility and Remediation

  • Comprehensive Approach

    We meticulously address all facets of document accessibility, encompassing structural elements, multimedia content, and beyond, to provide a holistic and all-encompassing experience for users.

  • Regulatory Adherence

    Our solutions seamlessly align with international accessibility standards and regulations, notably encompassing WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) and Section 508.

  • Tailored Solutions

    At Includia, we take a personalized approach that harmonizes with your organization's distinctive needs and content requisites, ensuring that our accessibility solutions resonate effectively.

  • Proven Success

    Our established track record underscores the triumphant completion of numerous document remediation projects across a diverse array of industries, demonstrating our steadfast commitment to equitable access.

  • Empowering Inclusivity

    By selecting Includia as your partner for document accessibility and remediation, you contribute to a digital sphere that promotes inclusiveness, empowering individuals of all abilities to seamlessly access and engage with information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Partner with Includia to effectuate the accessibility and compliance of your digital documents. By capitalizing on our years of experience and specialized expertise, you affirm that your content resonates with a broader audience, fosters inclusivity, and aligns seamlessly with accessibility guidelines. Feel free to reach out to us today, and embark on a journey of transformative accessibility.